Real estate Lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA

Patrick Ryan McQuiggan

1 years experience

Gemondo & McQuiggan, LLP

Pittsburgh, PA, 15228-1951

Practice areas: Oil and gas, Real estate

Jeremy Tyler Tennent

2 years experience

Pittsburgh, PA, 15222

Practice areas: Estate planning, Probate, Trusts, Wills and living wills, Business

Barbara Yvonne Strnad

2 years experience

Dickie Mccamey & Chilcote

Pittsburgh, PA, 15222-5402

Practice areas: Commercial real estate, Energy and utilities, Litigation, Real estate

Stephanie Nicole Gordon

3 years experience

Pittsburgh, PA, 15213-4116

Practice areas: Trademark application, Contracts and agreements, Copyright application, Copyright infringement, Corporate and incorporation

John Quay Stranahan II

3 years experience

Brimmeier & Associates

Pittsburgh, PA, 15237-6531

Practice areas: Government, Real estate, Business, Estate planning

Elena Leah Rorabaugh

9 years experience

Babst Calland, Attorneys At Law

Pittsburgh, PA, 15222-1425

Practice areas: Environmental and natural resources, Employment and labor, Real estate

Theo A Collins

3 years experience

Spilman Thomas & Battle

Pittsburgh, PA, 15219

Practice areas: Business, Real estate, Debt and lending agreements, Construction and development

David Joseph Hall

6 years experience

Sherrard, German & Kelly, P.C.

Pittsburgh, PA, 15222-2302

Practice areas: Energy and utilities, Real estate

Brian Paul Benestad

10 years experience

Burns White LLC

Pittsburgh, PA, 15222-4634

Practice areas: Power of attorney, Business, Real estate

Ryan Smith Welsch

5 years experience

Dickie Mccamey & Chilcote PC

Pittsburgh, PA, 15222-5421

Practice areas: Real estate, Corporate and incorporation, Energy and utilities

Trisha Ann Gill

4 years experience

Litchfield Cavo, LLP

Pittsburgh, PA, 15222-1435

Practice areas: Employment and labor, Litigation, Real estate

Mark T. Hunzeker

30 years experience

National Energy Technology Laboratory

Pittsburgh, PA, 15236-3611

Practice areas: Administrative law, Arbitration, Employment and labor, Government, Environmental and natural resources

Sarah Molinero

4 years experience

Pittsburgh, PA, 15222-3110

Practice areas: Environmental and natural resources, Employment and labor, Real estate

Sara Elizabeth Aull

4 years experience

Pittsburgh, PA, 15215-1802

Practice areas: Litigation, Construction and development, Real estate

Philip Daniel Luciano II

4 years experience

Swisher, Bauer and Luciano

Pittsburgh, PA, 15229

Practice areas: Litigation, Estate planning, Real estate

Megan Ashley Musial

4 years experience

Fiscus & Ball, PC

Pittsburgh, PA, 15219-2241

Practice areas: Child custody, Child support, Divorce and separation, Family, Real estate

Marlena Nicole Carlini

4 years experience

Fiscus & Ball, PC

Pittsburgh, PA, 15219-1407

Practice areas: Real estate

Katherine Anne Janocsko

4 years experience

Pittsburgh, PA, 15219-6101

Practice areas: Business, Estate planning, Real estate

Joseph Douglas Ziegler

4 years experience

Sommer Law Group, PC

Pittsburgh, PA, 15222-1813

Practice areas: Business, Intellectual property, Lawsuits and disputes, Personal injury, Real estate

James Robert Craig

4 years experience

Beier, Beier & Beier

Pittsburgh, PA, 15219-1308

Practice areas: Real estate, Litigation, Business, Landlord or tenant, Limited liability company (LLC)