Lawyers in Zip 77027

John Bruster "Bruse" Loyd

19 years experience

Jones, Gillaspia & Loyd, L.L.P.

Houston, TX, 77027-3440

Practice areas: Business, Commercial real estate, Employment and labor

Jude Thomas A. Smith

6 years experience

Levin & Clinebell

Houston, TX, 77027-9304

Jude T. A. Smith

4 years experience

Geico Staff Counsel

Houston, TX, 77027

Practice areas: Intellectual property

Stephen W. Abbott

22 years experience

Goldstein, Faucett & Prebeg, L.L.P.

Houston, TX, 77027

Practice areas: Intellectual property

Stephanie Jeannette Abiassi

2 years experience

Gregg & Valby, LLP

Houston, TX, 77027-0005

Practice areas: Business, Construction and development, Real estate

Whitney Vestal Ables

9 years experience

Allen Boone Humphries Robinson LLP

Houston, TX, 77027-7537

Practice areas: Ethics and professional responsibility, Bankruptcy and debt, Corporate and incorporation

Nik Abraham

1 years experience

Houston, TX, 77027-9030

Steven Abramowitz

42 years experience

Houston, TX, 77027-2998

Practice areas: Criminal defense, Family

Jeffry S. Abrams

36 years experience

Jeffry S. Abrams

Houston, TX, 77027-6017

Practice areas: Mediation

Leslie William Adams

28 years experience

Leslie Wm. Adams

Houston, TX, 77027-5133

Practice areas: Business, Banking, Corporate and incorporation, Financial markets and services, Mergers and acquisitions

Sharon Lowman Addicks

29 years experience

Western Litigation Inc

Houston, TX, 77027-3223

Practice areas: Health care

Jim S. Adler

51 years experience

Jim S. Adler & Associates

Houston, TX, 77027-3214

Practice areas: Personal injury

William Scott Adler

7 years experience

Jim Adler & Associates

Houston, TX, 77027-3270

Practice areas: Insurance

Thomas Harold Adolph

37 years experience

Adolph Locklar

Houston, TX, 77027-7176

Practice areas: Commercial real estate, Intellectual property

Anoosh Afra

4 years experience

Houston, TX, 77027

Practice areas: Criminal defense, Immigration, Personal injury

Cindy Mayela Aguirre

17 years experience

Jihn K. Grubb & Associates, P.C

Houston, TX, 77027

Practice areas: Family

Bradley Jay Aiken

11 years experience

Edison, McDowell & Hetherington LLP

Houston, TX, 77027-7525

Practice areas: Litigation

Ann Al-Bahish

25 years experience

Jackson Gilmour & Dobbs, PC

Houston, TX, 77027-5166

Practice areas: Personal injury, Commercial real estate, Environmental and natural resources

Lina Al-Salim

2 years experience

Houston, TX, 77027-9116

Sara Leeann Alahmed

7 years experience

Shale-Inland Holdings, LLC.

Houston, TX, 77027-9432