Lawyers in Zip 60604

Lili Abedinpour

26 years experience

Abedinpour & Associates

Chicago, IL, 60604-3597

Practice areas: Immigration

Rachel Beth Ablin

22 years experience

Ablin Law, PC Ltd

Chicago, IL, 60604-4434

Practice areas: Corporate and incorporation, Criminal defense, Employment and labor, Litigation, Mediation

Sherwin D. Abrams

51 years experience

Abrams and Chapman LLP

Chicago, IL, 60604-3996

Anne Louise Abramson

26 years experience

John Marshall Law School Library

Chicago, IL, 60604-3969

Uriel Benjamin Abt

6 years experience

Tabet Divito & Rothstein LLC

Chicago, IL, 60604-1219

Arthur Acevedo

29 years experience

The John Marshall Law School

Chicago, IL, 60604-3969

Dustin Richard Adams

8 years experience

U.S. Department of Labor Eta

Chicago, IL, 60604-1505

Joshua Benjamin Adams

14 years experience

Law Offices of Joshua B. Adams, P.C.

Chicago, IL, 60604

Practice areas: Federal crime, Criminal defense

Lisa E. Adams

31 years experience

Us Department of Housing & Urban Development

Chicago, IL, 60604-3594

Megan Christine Adams

5 years experience

Magnani & Buck

CHICAGO, IL, 60604-3962

Practice areas: Car accident, Slip and fall accident, Animal and dog bites, Arbitration, Defective and dangerous products

Howard Lee Adelman

41 years experience

Chicago, IL, 60604-3606

Practice areas: Bankruptcy and debt, Business, Commercial real estate, Litigation

Katherine Elizabeth Agonis

13 years experience

U.S. District Court

Chicago, IL, 60604-1998

Alicia Lynnette Aiken

22 years experience


Chicago, IL, 60604

Practice areas: Family, Financial markets and services, Health care, Residential real estate, Securities and investment fraud

Julie B. Aimen

34 years experience

Julie B Aimen

Chicago, IL, 60604

Practice areas: Appeals, Child custody, Criminal defense, Family, Child support

John Joseph Albarran

2 years experience

Kane & Fischer, Ltd.

Chicago, IL, 60604-1227

Sioban Lauri Albiol

24 years experience

Depaul Legal Clinic

Chicago, IL, 60604-2201

Richard James Albright Jr.

10 years experience

Ladas & Parry

Chicago, IL, 60604-2508

Practice areas: Internet, Communications and media, Patent application

Georgia N. Alexakis

11 years experience

U.S. Attorney's Office

Chicago, IL, 60604

Practice areas: Class action, Construction and development, Government

James Livingston Alexander

40 years experience

Alexander & Alexander

Chicago, IL, 60604-1226

Practice areas: Appeals, Banking, Communications and media, General practice

Zain Ali

3 years experience

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Chicago, IL, 60604-1505