Lawyers in Zip 11501

Mary Louise A Biunno

31 years experience

Supreme Court, Nassau County

Mineola, NY, 11501-4815

Mary Louise A Posner

33 years experience

Law Dept Supreme Court, Nassau Co

Mineola, NY, 11501-4802

Stacey Lynn Aaron

6 years experience

Office of The Nassau County Attorney

Mineola, NY, 11501-4813

Lubna Abbassi

7 years experience

North Globe Properties, Inc.

Mineola, NY, 11501-4642

Zeena Judith Abdi

15 years experience

Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry

Mineola, NY, 11501

Practice areas: Criminal defense

Rebecca Leor Abensur

7 years experience

Nassau County District Attorney's Office

Mineola, NY, 11501-4271

Richard M. Aberle

29 years experience

Kaston & Aberle, LLP

Mineola, NY, 11501-2371

Practice areas: Personal injury, Car accident, Slip and fall accident, Motorcycle accident, Trucking accident

Anthony James Abruscati

4 years experience

Nicolini, Paradise, Ferretti and Sabella

Mineola, NY, 11501-4410

Ted J. Abruzzo

32 years experience

Abruzzo & Kinn LLP

Mineola, NY, 11501-4312

Practice areas: Real estate

Annalisa Acampora

5 years experience

Ancona Associates

Mineola, NY, 11501-4208

Erika Marie Achtziger

10 years experience

Giuliano, Mcdonnell & Perrone LLP

Mineola, NY, 11501-4313

Practice areas: Communications and media, Corporate and incorporation, Ethics and professional responsibility

Anna Acquafredda

15 years experience

Nassau County District Attorney's Office

Hempstead, NY, 11501-8401

Thomas Anthony Adams

44 years experience

State of New York Supreme Court Justice

Mineola, NY, 11501-4802

Peter Louis Agovino

45 years experience

Agovino & Asselta LLP

Mineola, NY, 11501

Practice areas: Lawsuits and disputes, Arbitration, Business

Louis N. Agresta

44 years experience

Mineola, NY, 11501-4400

Practice areas: Criminal defense, General practice, Personal injury, Real estate

Teresa A Aiello

13 years experience

Nassau County District Attorneys Office

Mineola, NY, 11501-8401

Teresa Ann Aiello

14 years experience

Nassau County

Mineola, NY, 11501-4271

Ali Ajamu

15 years experience

Nassau County District Attorney's Office

Mineola, NY, 11501-4271

Nicholas John Albanese

13 years experience

Mineola, NY, 11501-2545

Practice areas: Litigation, Health care, Personal injury

William V. Alesi

42 years experience

William V. Alesi Esq.

Mineola, NY, 11501-3983

Practice areas: Antitrust and trade law, Business, Litigation